Creative Lounge of the Sterling Cooper Ad Office

Set in the Madison Avenue advertising world of 1960’s New York, Mad Men Production Designer Dan Bishop created a new office for Sterling Cooper. Working with creative input from Matthew Weiner and producer Scott Hornbacher, Bishop envisioned a smaller office for the start up company with individual personalities reflected in the space. The atmosphere needed to feel young and progressive, in contrast to the staid formality of the 1950s’ style reflected in the Sterling Cooper set.

Modular wall panels were used in the office for easier camera access along with futuristic visual elements and the use of a brighter primary color palette.  Propmaster Ellen Freund added specific pieces to accent the blue, orange-red and green used in most areas.  Our Freeform Credenza from Props is one of  the standout pieces displayed in Don Draper’s modernist office.  It’s these creative details that contribute to the stylistic success and popularity of the show.

Conference Room Area

Don Drapers New Office with Freeform Credenza

Freeform Credenza

via Perspective

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