Modernica Props Doubles in Size

Our prop department took advantage of the massive auction at 20th Century Props.   According to Prop Coordinator Ryan Simpson,  this going out of business sale offered an amazing collection.  One of a kind pieces and collectibles, some worthy of a museum, were up for grabs for an entire week.   We have over 300 new items and added an entire floor of white furniture and accessories doubling the size of our props department!  See more.


white screens deco screen

wagon tv

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Vintage George Nelson Bubble Lamps

From a Howard Miller Sales Brochure, circa 1968:

The image on the right pictures a display unit which Howard Miller offered “free of charge” to dealers with a stock order on the Bubbles. It featured six variations of the lamps and a Howard Miller ceiling plate. Howard Miller called it “an extremely effective sales tool” and I am sure that no dealer ever refused this generous gift from the manufacturer.

We hope you enjoy this interesting page which features pictures of the original Howard Miller lamps with their original dealer prices dating back to 1970.

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