$45,000 for a pair of Vintage Jeans, High Roller Collecting in Santa Monica

$45,000 for a pair of Vintage Jeans, $20,000 for a Vintage Jean Jacket, $5000 for a Movie Promo Jacket, $1200 for a Vintage Belt

Yes, these items were some of the heavy hitters at the Modernica sponsored event, Inspiration LA, which was held this past weekend in Santa Monica. Serious collectors showed their wares. Some items were there only for the bragging rights and others were up for sale. Here are a couple of items that caught my eye.

Larry Mckaughan, owner and president of Heller’s Café of Seattle, Washington maintained his reputation as one of the top vintage dealers in North America. Among his huge selection of impressively rare items offered at his booth, there were two standouts.

This Union Brand jacket originating from Canada is dead stock (never been worn), dating from the 1890’s. The fabric is Wabash with an incredibly rare two-toned indigo collar and trim. Equally as rare, there is a crude boot stamp on the collar. The boot stamp is usually found hidden inside the garment making this item an anomaly. Got to have it, the price is $20,000 you may want to consider selling your car.

The jeans are also from the 1890’s. “What makes them so valuable?” I ask Larry Mckaughan as I make an effort to hide my incredulous overtone. Larry patiently explains that the value is determined by the rarity of the item, the size and condition. He goes on to say that these jeans are an exceptional find for a couple of reasons.

First of all, there is wax drippings on the legs. The wax drippings are from when the miners were required to use candles as their source of illumination while working in the mines. And according to Larry, size does matter when determining value. For even if the collector whom chooses to add these jeans to his collection would never actually wear them, it is highly desirable for the jeans to be of the acceptable, average size. These jeans run around size 34. Got to have these jeans, you will need $45,000 in cash.

Former Sims Pro Skater, Mike Folmer (714-883-3228) was showing his vast collection of memorabilia from his almost decade long run as one of the top ten vertical skater in the US from 1976 to 1983. Mike’s collection is a vast array of Vintage pop culture T’s, rare rock mementos and skateboarding memorabilia.

Mike is offering this 1980 Powell-Peralta Promo Jacket from the movie “Gleaming the Cube” for $5,000.

And lastly, for my picks of impressively crazy investment pieces from the show was this beautiful turn-of-the-century Navajo Sand-cast Coin Silver Vintage belt buckle and belt. Joeb Custom Belts of Little Rock, Arkansas is offering this belt for $1200. The belt has a black strap, with 4 very old domed Navajo buttons attached. The buttons have some dents from wear. Super nice and incredible to think of wearing a belt that actually saw the Wild West.

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Vintage Inspiration Event Today & Tomorrow

Time to get inspired at the Inspiration Show at the Barker Hanger/Santa Monica Airport today at 4PM.  Mid century modern furniture, vintage music, photography and 33 fashion booths are just part of the festivities.  The opening party will begin at 4PM on Friday, February 12, and end at 9PM (aloha fashion theme).  The shopping extravaganza begins on Saturday from 10AM-5PM.   Modernica is an official sponsor.




Atsu (Fresno, California)
Chuck’s Vintage (Charles & Madeline Harmon; Hollywood, California)
Cycleman (Sunao Okamoto; Osaka, Japan) +Vintage Blue (Takanori Okamoto; Nagoya, Japan)
Death Valley (Naoki Hashimoto; Tokyo, Japan)
Drop Your Jeans (Russ Bustamante; Covina, California)
Filth Mart (Mike & Maggie Sportes; Hollywood, California)
Mike & Andrea Folmer (Anaheim, California)
Freaks (Tomio Ouchi; Los Angeles, California)
Goodbye Hearts (David Watkins; San Francisco, California)
Jesse and Drew Heifetz (Vancouver, Canada)
K&D International (Kiyoshi Doi; Carson, California)
Hayabusa Cat Clother (Junya Demura; Toyama, Japan)
La Rosa (Werner Werwie: San Francisco, California)
Little Reata (Masahiko Miyazaki; Tokyo, Japan)
Masa (Hollywood, California)
Mew (Kathleen Schaaf; Long Beach, California)
Momo (Tetsuzo Okubo; Hollywood, California)
My 24/7 (Masaki Maekawa: Tokyo, Japan)
Pat & Mike (Michael Manpearl; Whittier, California)
Playclothes (Wanda, North Hollywood, California)
Ray Flores (Venice, California)
Randy Jones & Jim Maley (Fullerton, California)
Rob Vintage (Robert Medelline; Fullerton, California)
Rockin’ Rodeo (Aldo; Hollywood, California)
Scottsdale Trading Co. (Scottsdale, Arizona)
Snappy Gabs (Brian Cohen: Hollywood, California) + Tom Ishimaru (Tokyo, Japan)
Sneaky Tiki (Nick; Long Beach, California)
Sports Studio (John Kanuit; Culver City, California)
Strongarm C&S Co. (John Gluckow; New York, NY)
The Surf (Masahiko Kito; Huntington Beach, California)
Surfing Cowboy (Donna & Wayne Gunther; Venice, California)
Taxi CDC (Deborah Brosenne; Los Angeles, California)
Vintage Productions (Bob Chatt; Huntington Beach, California)

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