This Saturday: Enjoy Reform Gallery’s Exhibit and Panel Discussion on One of LA’s Most Overlooked Artists

Doyle Lane was an outstanding mid-century artist who specialized in ceramic pottery, sculptures, and art throughout the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s. Although his work is not as widely recognized as many other 20th-century greats, the beautiful pieces are finally receiving the attention they deserve in the art community.

Reform Gallery is a longtime collector and purveyor of Doyle Lane works, and has seen the value of his pieces go up 400% in the past 10 years. Now the Los-Angeles based gallery is presenting a a Doyle Lane exhibit that features many of his most notable pieces, including a myriad of pottery and his unique “clay paintings”. This Saturday, you can enjoy both the remarkable exhibition along with a Doyle Lane panel discussion by the California African American Museum at Reform Gallery . Catch it at 2pm on June 28th, or read more about the event in the LA Times.


Photo source: Los Angeles Times.


Photo source: Los Angeles Times.


Photo source: Los Angeles Times.


Photo source: Los Angeles I’m Yours.


Photo source: Los Angeles I’m Yours.


Photo source: Los Angeles I’m Yours.


Photo source: Los Angeles I’m Yours.


Photo source: Los Angeles I’m Yours.


Photo source: Los Angeles I’m Yours.


Photo source: Los Angeles I’m Yours.


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Modernica Case Study Ceramics® Line Adds Beautiful New Architectural Shapes and Styles

Modernica’s full line of Case Study Ceramics® was released only a few years ago; since then, we’ve been pleased and surprised at how much our customers love them! The classic architectural designs have become so popular, we decided to add to the selection of shapes and styles, while maintaining the modernist roots of the designs. Here are a few of our latest and greatest ceramic releases, just in time for fall!

Case Study Low Pan Ceramic Cylinder

Succulents in Low Cylinder Ceramic Planter

The low, wide form of the Case Study Low Pan Ceramic Cylinder make it absolutely perfect for your gorgeous succulents and cacti. The shape will also lend itself well to other plants with shallow root systems, like herbs, small flowers, and bonsai. The simple, stately Low Pan Cylinder is a beautiful way to add some plant life to any interior or patio landscape.

Case Study High Pan Ceramic Cylinder

Tall Cylinder Planter Modernica

Our Case Study High Pan Ceramic Cylinder features the same classic lines of our original Cylinder Ceramic Planters, but with a wider, more robust shape. The deep, wide interior will easily accommodate larger plants and small trees, with a shape that lends itself well to both stands or wooden plinth bases. Like our other Case Study Ceramics®, the High Pan Cylinder functions well as an indoor or outdoor planter.

Case Study Wok Ceramic Planter

Modernica Wok Planter

You may recognize the Case Study Wok Ceramic Planter as one of the most popular shapes that graced the yards of many homes during the mid-century modern era. In the making of this new design, we were inspired by the ceramic shapes we saw in vintage photos of homes like Case Study House #22. The unique lines make for an eye-catching display of almost any type of plant, from larger succulents to small trees and shrubs.

If you’re in love with one of these brand new ceramic designs, your in luck! All of Modernica’s Case Study Ceramics® are on sale through this weekend, from today until Monday, September 2, 2013. Use code “ceramics” at checkout to receive 15% off plus Free Shipping!

Low Pan Ceramic Planter

Case Study Low Pan Ceramic Cylinder Case Study High Pan Ceramic Cylinder

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Stan Bitters Thumb Pots: Now Available from Modernica

Stan Bitters Thumbprint Pottery

If you’re at all familiar with Stan Bitters’s iconic work, you’ve probably seen his thumbprints pressed into his ceramics, from planters to wall-length sculptures. His rough-hewn, nature-inspired style is what made his work so unique and integral to the organic modern movement that began in the 1960s. Now, you can take home a piece of this fascinating history when you purchase a Stan Bitters Thumb Pot from Modernica, all of which are still hand-sculpted in Bitters’s Fresno studio.

Original Ceramics by Bitters Sculptor

Photo Credit:

The organic modernist craft movement began in the 1960s and was influenced greatly by the earthy, hand-crafted work of artists like Stan Bitters. Today, his mid-century work is still scattered across Southern California; his timeless sculptures and fountains are now valued as historic masterpieces. Indeed, Thumb Pots and ceramic pieces that were created by Stan Bitters in the ’60s and ’70s are sometimes auctioned today for thousands of dollars.

Modernica Ceramics

Luckily you can find his current pieces right here at Modernica, including Thumb Pots and Ceramic Birdhouses. Get a feel for the organic, rough-hewn quality of his work at our Los Angeles showroom, or visit to order.



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New Year, New Photos: Case Study Ceramics in High Resolution

Stoneware Bowl Planter from Modernica

Our New Year’s Resolution was to organize a series of photo shoots that would truly capture the craftsmanship and beauty of our Case Study Furniture. The gallery below showcases the results of our first effort- a tribute to the archetypal ceramic style that originally emerged just after World War II.

But if you’d really like to get a feel for the simple elegance of our Case Study Ceramics, you’ll have to see them for yourself in our Los Angeles Showroom, or at one of our national dealers.

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Modernica’s 6th Day of Gifting: Ceramic Pot with Wooden Stand

Cylindrical Planter with Wooden Stand

This simple Cylinder Pot with Wooden Stand makes a fitting gift for anyone who enjoys interior design or gardening. Not your average terracotta pottery, our line of planters was inspired by the ceramic style that emerged shortly after World War II, when design became a modern art form that could take place in the average home. Each piece is focused on archetypal geometric shapes and clean lines.

Buy this Case Study Ceramic Planter with a Wooden Stand, or browse through Modernica’s entire line of Case Study Stoneware.

Case Study Pottery on the Patio

Black Pot with Wooden Stand


*Offer is valid on orders shipping within the contiguous US; deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico are excluded.





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