Ranch Style: The Suburban Stepchild of Mid-Century Modern

Ranch-style design was inspired by Spanish Colonial homes of the 17th – 19th century, with their adobe brick textures, low rooftops, and simple, rustic materials. Mid-century architects like Cliff May married this look with modernist minimalism to create the “Ranch House,” which later became a staple of mid-century suburban architecture.

Ranch design interior

Source: Apartment Therapy

Palm Springs Ranch House

Source: Apartment Therapy

atomic ranch

Source: Atomic Ranch

Interior features and designs of the ranch style often followed the Spanish Colonial look, with lots of exposed, natural materials, large windows and natural light, as well as southwestern patterns and colors. Here are a few more beautiful examples of this undervalued design style:

atomic ranch 2

Source: Atomic Ranch


Source: Elle Decor

Ranch House Interior with Bubble Lamp

Source: Houzz.com

Modernica Chairs in Southwest Style

Source: Houzz.com


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Did You Catch the Saucer Pendant on the Cover of This Month’s Atomic Ranch?

Atomic Ranch Cover Atomic Ranch is one of our favorite mid-century design mags, and we’re thrilled every time one of our products gets a spot in one of their featured interiors and renovations. If you caught the spring 2013 issue, you may have a noticed a bright Saucer Pendant Bubble Lamp illuminating their logo, right on the cover!

If you haven’t paged through one of their photo-rich articles highlighting mid-century architecture and design, you can find out more here. For now, enjoy a few more photos of Modernica gracing the pages of Atomic Ranch:





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Interior from Atomic Ranch

Museum Bench, Fiberglass Armchair

Museum Bench, Fiberglass Armchair

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Atomic Ranch

Our friends, Jim and Michelle Brown, at Atomic Ranch created a magazine offering fresh ideas, for real people, who want to make their ranch homes more stylish.  If you want a publication that has beautiful images with attainable design, go get their latest issue.

Five years ago, founders Jim Brown, publisher/photographer and Michelle Gringeri-Brown, editor were both magazine freelancers when they hatched the idea for publishing Atomic Ranch.  Jim’s background was in automotive photography (Motor Trend, Hot Rod) and Michelle’s was in Arts & amp; Crafts shelter magazine (American Bungalow).

James & Michelle Brown

James & Michelle Brown

The couple felt the next big area of interest would be ranch houses.  Although these houses were considered the ugly underdogs, the Browns thought they could change that.  They launched the magazine giving homeowners the ideas and resources they need to make their homes cool again.

“We are preservation minded and believe that sensitive renovations of existing homes is a sustainable practice that should be encouraged.”  The magazine showcases a wide range of homes: from late ’40s ‘ granny ranches’ with affordable vintage furniture to custom ’70s modernists with a mix of reissued mid century icons and contemporary furnishings.

Atomic Ranch Interior

Pear Bubble Lamp

A coffee table book, Atomic Ranch: Design Ideas for Stylish Ranch Homes, was published by Gibbs Smith in 2006.

The magazine just started a new blog called Urban Greens.  The blog caters to people with a green thumb and a do-it-yourself attitude and is written by a couple featured in their ‘Working Class Heroes’ series.  You will find landscaping, gardening ideas and even recipes here.

Lori & George Goodman Home

case study daybed, mini wire tables

Peter & Donna Shire Home

Case Study Bed

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