Mike Johnson, Roz Bock, David Wade, Larry White, Beverly Maloof & Jay Novak in woodshop

Once offered 22 million dollars to allow his work to be mass produced, woodworker Sam Maloof chose to decline, maintaining the integrity of handcrafted objects and the union between maker, object and owner.  Considered America’s most renowned contemporary furniture craftsman by the Smithsonian, Maloof’s secrets have been passed on to three woodworkers, Larry White,  Mike Johnson and David Wade, who carry on the tradition of fine handcrafted American furniture.

We were privileged to have a visit from the Maloof woodworkers along with Beverly Maloof and Roz Bock yesterday.  They took a tour of the new factory with brothers Frank and Jay Novak and talked shop with Product Developer Ryan Young.

Mike Johnson, Roz Bock, Ryan Young & Larry White

David Wade & Larry White check out CNC machine woodwork

Maloof Rocker

Maloof Chair

Sam Maloof’s very first employee, woodworker Larry White is holding a UCR workshop in San Bernardino on Saturday, February 26 and again on May 22.

The most important tools a man has are his hands.

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