Playboy Club Interior 1965

Taking cues from gadget enhanced bachelor pads of the past, one DIY designer was inspired specifically by the Playboy Electronic Entertainment Wall designed in 1964 by Art Miner.  The all encompassing entertainment wall was sleek, easily accessible and most importantly impressed the ladies.

Once home to several iguanas, this room served a purpose and apparently the domestic reptiles weren’t picky about the decor of their unnatural habitat.

From a large family and once a former musician, this designer was determined to have a room to call his own.  He used his carpentry skills and playboy vision to make a personalized modern music den and recording studio.

Playboy Club Interior




Quite an impressive transformation.  The vintage high-fi and modern gadgets fit neatly as well as the punk rock album collection of years past.  Design can make dreams come true or at least make us feel like our environment supports the remnants of our dreams and inspirations.  Bravo to you DIY designer and congrats on your music den.

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