Inspire Me Monday: Casa B+B by Studio mk27

Studio mk27 out of São Paulo, Brazil likes to re-imagine architectural norms in family homes. This house, for instance, contains all bedrooms and personal bathrooms on the ground floor, adjacent to the backyard and outdoor areas. All social and living rooms are located upstairs, with a ramp that leads from the front entrance, so that the first floor can be bypassed completely. Combine the unique floor plan with cool materials and textures, killer interior design, and a few George Nelson Lamps, and you’ve got the whole package.

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Amazing Video Recap of the Soze Collection

If you missed the Soze Gallery’s exhibition of jaw-dropping Fiberglass Shell Chair Art, you’re in luck. The Soze Gallery put together this video that demonstrates the amazingness that went down in the show and the opening for The Soze Collection. It’s almost like you were there…. almost.



52 New Colors in 52 Weeks: Pumpernickel Fiberglass Shell Chairs

New Fiberglass Shell Chair Colors

If there’s anything that’ll warm you up on frigid days, it’s homemade bread fresh from the oven. Modernica’s newest Zenith Labs creation is inspired by cozy evenings by the fire, hot cocoa, and freshly baked bread.


Pumpernickel Fiberglass Shell Chairs are a soft brown that is warm and relaxed, a color that can add a homelike, comfortable touch to your modern decor. Drop by the Modernica LA Showroom to see the new shade and you can purchase online. See some homey inspiration below or visit the Pumpernickel Pinterest Board for more.

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