Exhibit Spotlight: Italian Futurism at the Guggenheim

The first comprehensive overview of Italian Futurism to be presented in the United States, this multidisciplinary exhibition examines the historical sweep of the movement from its inception with F. T. Marinetti’s Futurist manifesto in 1909 through its demise at the end of World War II.

Presenting over 300 works executed between 1909 and 1944, the chronological exhibition encompasses not only painting and sculpture, but also architecture, design, ceramics, fashion, film, photography, advertising, free-form poetry, publications, music, theater, and performance. Catch it at the Guggenheim from now until September 1, 2014. If you’re not in New York between now and then, see a sample below and read more on the official exhibit website.

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Buzzwatch: Downtown Modernism Finds and Photos

Recently we published a recap of the Downtown Modernism marketplace that was hosted at our Los Angeles Factory for those of you who couldn’t make it. Since then, blog posts and photos of the event have been popping up all over internet; we couldn’t resist re-posting a few here. Some of our favorites:

Esoteric Survey

IMG_20140330_065605 Modernica Downtown Modernism 2014 1 Modernica Downtown Modernism 2014 3 Modernica Downtown Modernism 2014 4 Modernica Downtown Modernism 2014 6

Style by Emily Henderson

vintage-backgammon vintage-ceramic vintage-poster vintage-pottery wire-sculpture

Magdazine Moda

Downtown-Modernism-my-finds DOWNTOWN-Modernism


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Inspire Me Monday: Gardens are for Living by Judy Kameon

Gardens are for Living by Judy Kameon is a rare opportunity to peruse page after page of gorgeous design photography while also learning the stories and process behind each landscape. In the newly-released book, Kameon lays out the impressive body of work that she has accumulated during her career as landscape designer and founder of Elysian Landscapes. Her work is infused with sensible, mid-century modern principles that celebrate function and beauty, bringing life to the idea that indeed, gardens are for living.


The book is a golden opportunity for budding designers and gardeners to take a peek into the process, inspiration, and experience of a modern landscape design master. See a preview of its contents below or order it and see for yourself.

GardensAreForLiving_p095 GardensAreForLiving_p066 GardensAreForLiving_049 gardens-are-for-living-judy-kameon-04_103251156851.jpg_gallery_max gardens-are-for-living-judy-kameon-02_103250501534.jpg_gallery_max

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