Dealer Spotlight: The Sill in New York

We’re besotted with this quirky little potting shop in New York City. Known for a gigantic range of planters and a knack for ‘potting design,’ The Sill has become something of a sensation among New York’s window and balcony gardeners. One of their specialties are teensy-tiny potted succulents that can fit onto even the smallest of window sills. See examples of their work below, and you can find them on Instagram as well.

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A Smorgasbord of Mid-Century Moderns on the Real Estate Market Right Now

The real estate market just blew up across the country with gorgeous mid-century modern homes by some the best architects of the 20th century. Take a look at this buffet of modern delights and perhaps you’ll find a little something for yourself!

Marcel Breuer’s Lauck House in Princeton, New Jersey for $2million

880_south facade night

This incredible 3,800-square-foot masterpiece was inspired by a MoMa Showcase home that was originally commissioned by Phillip Johnson himself. It has a few Breuer trademarks, like the delightful butterfly roof and ‘bi-nuclear’ family-friendly layout.

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A. Quincy Jones Time Capsule in Bel Air for $1.75million


Known as the Nordlinger House #1, the 1948 residence features cantilevered balconies and a redwood exterior. The 2,950-square-foot house devotes its entire second story to the master bedroom and its wraparound balcony; the remaining two bedrooms, a maid’s quarters, the centrally-placed kitchen, and an amazing brick fireplace are all on the first level.

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Stunning Jules Gregory in Armwell, New Jersey for $899,000


This spectacular country estate by Jules Gregory was voted one of the 10 best houses in America by Architectural Record in 1960. The 11-acre wooded property features a main house with a stunning undulating conoid roof and 4 bedrooms/2 bathrooms, along with a guest house that contains one bed/bath and a kitchenette.

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Beautifully-Restored 1967 Home in Urbana, Illinois for (What??) $296,000


They say it’s all about location, and this utterly-perfect 1967 restoration is dirt cheap by SoCal standards. Thanks to the glass walls surrounding the courtyard of the dwelling, you can peer from the entryway all the way through the wall of glass in back, out onto the fairway of the Urbana Country Club’s 18-hole golf course. Let’s all just gaze at it and sigh, since most of us don’t live within 1,000 miles of Illinois.

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RENT This Lloyd Wright Wonder-Cabin for $8,750


This lovely mix of hardwood and rock textures was designed in 1959 by none other than Frank Lloyd Wright’s son, starchitect Lloyd Wright. The 2,100-square-foot De Jonghe Residence offers two bedrooms, beamed ceilings, a wealth of enormous windows, and two impressive fireplaces that appear to have been chiseled out of a preexisting rock face.

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The Sleep Sale: Prepare to be Rested