52 New Colors in 52 Weeks: Breeze Fiberglass Shell Chairs


The late summer sun is bright and hot, but autumn waits just over the horizon. We are ready for the cool breezes and mild days of fall, and we’ve created the perfect color to bring it in. Breeze Fiberglass Chairs are the color of cool air and crisp breezes over a sunny autumn cove.


Take a sail in a Breeze Fiberglass Shell Chair at our LA Showroom, and take a peek at some cool-colored inspiration on the Breeze Pinterest Board.

Breezes of Sailing Turqupise Art _MG_4733 copy Flower Drops f5808286c4fc2004bd270a3a31b53149 mint atomic ranch Dandelion   _MG_4550 copy Breezy Day simple-turquoise-container-house-design-close-the-street-with-rooftop-sun-panel-and-veranda-with-transparence-window-and-small-outdoor-corner-garden-615x461 Breeze Blowing Flags Wind _MG_1488 copy

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Vintage Outdoor Furniture from the Mundane to the Obscure

Mid-century outdoor furniture came in every shape in size, from your every-day vinyl laced umbrella sets to iron-wrought masterpieces by the likes of Harry Bertoia. Upon studying different styles, we have found some pretty obscure designs with no record of who designed them or where they came from. Below are some recognizable brands like Salterini and Van Keppel Green, along with others that seem to have no designer on record. Feel free to chime in if you can name the designer and year of manufacture for the unlabeled styles below!


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Event Spotlight: Palm Springs’s Modernism Week “Preview” this October

For the first time, Modernism Week of Palm Springs is holding a “Fall Preview,” which features a sampling of popular events and tours, as well as a scaled down Modernism Show and Sale of popular dealers from around the world. Tickets went on sale August 1st and some events sell out fast, so you better grab yours now!

mod2 palm-springs-vista-las-palmas-luxury-real-estate palm-springs-modernism-swiss-miss la-palm-springs-modernism-20140729-001 finalDSC_8551 DAL_8943-700x467 28-096

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