“Most Exotic Pet” Goes to…

Most Exotic

We are happy to announce that Kamezo and Kamekichi will be taking home the prize for Most Exotic Pet! We hope they’ll enjoy their new Case Study Ceramic Cylinder. Congrats!

Last Day to Vote! Modernica Pets on Furniture 2015


It’s the very last day to vote for our final round of Pets on Furniture! Click here to pick your favorite, if you haven’t yet. Tomorrow we will announce the lucky winners!

Behind the Scenes: A Modernica Bike Rack

The Modernica Studio designers have done it again! With more and more employees riding their bicycles to work, we wanted to provide a secure place to keep them.

“What to do?” We asked ourselves, “Buy a bike rack?” “Never!” We decided to put one together in the metal shop, of course. What do you think of the end result?

Bike Rack 1 Bike Rack 2 Bike Rack 3