Sascha Schleumer and Kimberly Dudow bought this 1958 post and beam house by architect Young Woo and were especially impressed with the upkeep of their Sherman Oaks home.  The only changes they wanted to make included bringing elements of the interior back to it’s original time period.  The couple spent the last year restoring their MCM home and wanted to share the process.  Most of the changes we have made to the house since becoming the 3rd owners involved removing items that were added over the years to unveil the original structure of the home and bring it as close to what it would of looked like back when it was first built.


Sascha took on the task of repairing and re-staining all of the original kitchen and bathroom cabinets himself.  Great care was taken to carefully maintain the architectural integrity of the home and pick period appropriate finishes and flooring.  New grass cloth wallpaper was used to cover the wall panels, terrazzo Fritz Tile flooring was installed to reflect light and balance the darker ceiling.  Modernica side chair in Elephant compliment the gray marble chips in the tile.  The white surfboard table and Saucer Bubble Lamp brighten the entire space.

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