Magazine Story about Modernica Mid-Century Modern Furniture Last month’s issue of QOLA, a Japanese magazine that targets Japanese residents in Los Angeles, published a commending feature on Modernica. The article, originally written in Japanese, goes into detail about Mid-Century Modern style and Modernica’s authentic fabrication processes. If you read Japanese, feel free to browse through the original version here.

For the rest of us, here’s a summary of the article in English:

This is a Mid-Century Modern story: How it began, why people love it, and how Modernica is preserving its history.

Japanese Culture and Design In Japanese culture, people like change; to change and adapt a product is to improve the quality of life. In the United States, on the other hand, Americans respect the “original” more than the Japanese do. People are interested in why and how it’s made.

“If the original was so good, why change it?”

Mid-Century Modern is one of those design styles that needs no change to remain quintessential. No additions or deductions could improve its perfection. For example, the George Nelson Bubble lamp, the Noguchi Table, or the famed Eames chair. Products such as these remain beautiful and timeless.

As years pass, so many products have been degraded to suit the mediocrity and convenience of mass production processes. Most US companies have switched to cheaper supplies and materials from Asia. As the cost of the product is decreased, so is its originality.

Even the Eames fiberglass chair lost its spirit. Companies copied the shape of the design using more convenient plastic materials. When the fiberglass was taken away, the history of the Eames shell chair was broken.

Modernica building Fiberglass Shell Chairs It was Los Angeles-based furniture design company, Modernica, that picked up the pieces and restored the legacy of the Fiberglass Shell Chair. Modernica tracked down the original materials and machinery that were used to fabricate the original Eames Fiberglass Shell Chairs in the 1950s. For the first time ever, the chairs are being manufactured and sold through one company. Modernica has succeeded in reviving the history and spirit of a Mid-Century Modern original.

We’d like to send a special thanks to Tak Itomi for this glowing commendation of our work. See the original magazine article, or have a look at these beautiful images Tak captured at our factory and showroom:

Los Angeles Modern Furniture Showroom

Side Shell Chair Manufacturing Showroom Floor Layout