In an effort to provide inspiration for your DIY Design projects here is an impeccably designed home by French designer Chahan Minassian. This Los Angeles private residence is home to the Perrin family. The building itself was designed in the 1950’s by architect Victor Gruen.

It’s huge windows and seamless transitions from outdoor living to indoor living were the perfect example of a modern lifestyle back then. Now it still is a perfect site only now we can appreciate it for its tranquil clean lines, its notion of urbane sophistication mixed with a laid back coolness.

As a side note, for those of you not familiar with Victor Gruen. Victor Gruen is considered to be one of the principle architect of the 20th century. Victor Gruen’s vision for a new American landscape and his ideas for public spaces, lead to the development of the first malls. Essentially his influence and designs has shaped our current cultural climate and our everyday lives. That is a pretty hefty legacy.

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