Stefan Sagmeister whom I deeply admire and respect for his innovation in graphic design has a new project; The Happy Film.

Happiness as a subject matter has long interested Mr. Sagmeister and keeps his work and life compelling and complex. Stefan Sagmeister has many TED lectures online for viewing regarding Happiness/Design, but check out this TED talk he presented in 2004. This seems to show the impetus for this film.

The Happy Film is currently in production. This will be a feature-length documentary in which Stefan (himself) will undergo a series of self-experiments outlined by popular psychology to test once and for all if it’s possible for a person to have a meaningful impact on their own happiness.

No stranger to using himself as a guinea pig for his art; shown above is his ground-breaking 1999 poster in which he uses his own body as the canvas. His innovative and bold design payed off and launched his career as a graphic designer and now his personal approach to expressing ideas is making its mark as a filmmaker.