Rocker Style: A Tale of Two Rooms

by Erin Loechner

As a proud owner of Modernica’s Fiberglass Shell Rocker, I can attest to its incredible versatility. Throughout our two year relationship (it’s going well, thanks for asking!), my sweet rocker has been the main attraction in a variety of different rooms of our home – from the office to the bedroom and everywhere between. And now that I’m a new mother, I’m ready to utilize it in a new way: my daughter’s play space.

Below I’ve featured my rocker in two spaces: 1 for grown-ups and 1 for kids. Care to take a peek?:

White Arm Shell Rocker in a Family Room

In the living room, I’ve placed the rocker in a modern-industrial vibe with plenty of natural elements to keep the space cozy and bright. With a typographic rug and monochromatic artwork (plus a quirky graphic pillow for a fun surprise!), the result is a living room anyone would be proud to relax in.

[Sources: Task lamp, Sofa, Industrial storage, Artwork, Typographic rug, Graphic pillow, Throw, Industrial side table, Terrarium, Driftwood, Rocker]

Nursery Interior Design

In the playroom, the rocker takes center stage among nesting tables for coloring, a striped rug for rolling and bright yellow chunky knit storage. With an off-kilter floor lamp to make the littles smile, my favorite rocker is right at home with its clean, minimal design.

[Sources: Curtains, Nesting tables, House wall decor, Stuffed animal, Floor lamp, Rug, Rocker, Storage basket, Cabinet]

Author of Design for Mankind Tell me, which is your favorite space? And if you’re lucky enough to own a fiberglass shell rocker, where do you keep yours?

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