Back in May of this year, we lent our showroom to Thom Filicia & his crew for a new design show, “Dress My Nest”.  Typically, we don’t do this sort of thing, but this was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.  Thom & his team were some of the nicest, most professional folks that we’ve ever experienced for such a production.

It certainly made for a cheerful day to hear the fun & laughter bubbling from the far side of the showroom, where Thom & his client delighted in Modernica’s selections.  Check out a short clip from the episode (#409 from 5/22/09) and the before & after shots of the makeover…see if you can pinpoint our pieces.

Dress My Nest, Episode 209, Couch (After)

Author: Kerri Weavil, Showroom Sales Rep

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