Borrowed from the Japanese botanical style Kokedma, a Dutch man called Fedor van der Valk took interest and began growing his own suspended form using string and gravity.   Fedor’s string gardens are like living sculptures hanging in a room creating atmosphere and interest.

Fedor explains that his objective is to have the plants “find their balance” as they grow and become heavier. “As the center point of the plant keeps changing,” says the string gardener, “the plants grow in a way that makes them look more powerful and like they are floating in mid air.”

Most of the plants are watered by soaking them every three days and others have an artificial root made from different kinds of moss which transports the water to the ball, others a dripping system that keeps the containing net consistently wet.  These are high maintenance gardens so unless you have time for consistency, perhaps a nice succulent would be a better choice.

via facebook & urban gardens

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