Modernica’s First Day of Gifting: The Tabletop Ceramic Bowl


Yes, readers, it’s that time again. We’re kicking off our Twelve Days of Gifting this year with the new Tabletop Ceramic Bowl. This smallest addition to our Case Study Ceramics collection fits in just about anywhere – perfect for a small shelf or a side table. This makes it a lovely and versatile gift with an attractive price point – only $39! Order today and stay tuned for eleven more days of Modernica gift ideas!

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Dealer Spotlight: Potted in Atwater Village

What happens when two creatives from the film industry with a shared love for gardening and modern design start a business? Potted – one of the most innovative outdoor and garden stores in Los Angeles.

Patio Furniture and Planter Store

Their mantra, “Indoor style for outdoor living,” is made evident with every stylish planter and designer piece of outdoor furniture. Each item and product line is hand-picked by owners Mary Gray and Annette Gutierrez to create beautiful outdoor environments that are designed much as any interior would be. In fact, Gutierrez’s own garden was recently featured in Sunset Magazine for its unique take on landscaping:

“To transform the 3,000-square-foot yard, she created a series of outdoor rooms landscaped almost entirely with potted plants. ‘I get to redecorate over and over,’ says Gutierrez. ‘I just move my pots around a little and I have a whole new yard.'” – Sunset Magazine

Read more about Gutierrez’s spectacular potted garden in Sunset Magazine, or visit the Potted official site.

Vintage Found Planters the-potting-room Potted Outdoor Design outside-pottery-selection Modern Outdoor Furniture Gift Planters container-design-guide-all-container-garden-annette-gutierrez-echeveria-chandelier-0414-l container-design-guide-all-container-garden-annette-gutierrez-design-nooks-covering-fence-0414-l container-design-guide-all-container-garden-annette-gutierrez-create-a-tableau-0414-l Circle Planters at Potted Store Case Study Ceramics at Potted Buy potted plants

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Let’s Get Social: 5 Weeks of Contests, Week One!

lets get social-02

It’s time to get social – 5 weeks of contests on all 5 of our social outlets. Week one starts with our favorite social channel – this blog! To enter, all you need to do is sign up for our mailing list and leave a comment in the comment field below to let us know you entered. Simple! The winner will be randomly selected to take home a free tabletop Case Study Ceramic Planter with wooden stand!

One winner will be chosen each week. All the winners will be announced on April 9th!



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New Ways to Wok!

The Case Study Ceramic Wok is one of our most popular new planter releases. Now, the large, striking shape will make even more of a statement – with a custom-made wooden stand!

Wok Planter with Stand

Our carpenters have crafted a unique custom stand just for the ceramic Wok. We think it gives the planter both added height and that extra bit of oomph! Get a feel for our Case Study Ceramic line when you visit the Los Angeles Showroom, or order online.

Ceramic Wok Planter Modernica

Modernica Ceramic Planters

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Danger Garden Features Case Study Modernica Planter

We absolutely adore the Danger Garden blog and are honored that writer Loree Bohl featured our Case Study Ceramic Planter! Loree is not one for “regular” plants; she loves the dangerous kind, hence the name of her blog. She states “Agave, yucca, anything with a spike or spur!” Below are some images from her post. Be sure to check out her blog!

ModPDX+Nurs+120+Echeveria+nodulosa ModPDX+Nurs+114+Euphorbia+'Zig+Zag' ModPDX+Nurs+103 ModPDX+Nurs+102 ModPDX+Nurs+100 ModPDX+Nurs+126+Epiphyllum+'curly'

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