London Photographer Explores the Places and Spaces Behind Faces

Although his work is not necessarily based in portraiture, Anton Rodriguez has an amazing ability to capture the people and culture behind the spaces he shoots. His recent personal project “Barbican Residents” has gained worldwide attention for its simple and personalized appeal. See a sampling of his work – both personal and professional – below, or check him out online.

a585c7129d495b555361596ff470735a Barbican-residents-16 barbresidents1_gall barbresidents2_gall Michael-Landy-home-shoreditch-5 Michael-Landy-home-shoreditch-15 Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 6.38.03 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 6.38.24 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 6.39.21 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 6.40.41 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 7.12.14 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 7.12.32 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 7.13.17 PM tumblr_o7h1yfQ9VQ1qax198o1_1280

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A Closer Look: A. Quincy Jones

Elaine Sewell Jones – widow of celebrated architect A. Quincy Jones – spent years cataloguing photos and archives of Jones’s work before sending them to LA’s Hammer Museum. The exclusive exhibition Building for Better Living was held and ended in 2013, but you can see some of the gorgeous photos here:

1_Gross-House 6_Tyre-House 8_Jones-amp-Emmons-office 9_St.-Michaels 11_Fairhaven-Tract-Eichler-Homes-Model 12_Smalley-House 13_Warner-Bros.-Records a25db57c81f8aaf12b8fd7f8c38a9820 image la-hm-shula01_kas09wnc Modern-Living-Lecture OB-XV190_hodAQJ_G_20130612171139 tumblr_mp4bo15GOd1rc7jtqo1_1280

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Inspire Me Monday: USC’s New Collection of Digitized Postwar Photographs

Recently, the University of Southern California delved into their extensive collection of original printed photography and digitized over 1,300 postwar images. A treasure trove of rarely-seen photographs of mid-century lifestyle and architecture has now been made available in USC Libraries’ Architectural Teaching Slide Collection.

3058383-slide-s-1-stahlresidencelivingroomlosangeles1960-the-birth-of-midcentury-modernism-768x516    digitallibrary.usc.edu2 1 digitallibrary.usc.edu3 digitallibrary.usc.edu4 digitallibrary.usc.edu5 digitallibrary.usc.edu6 digitallibrary.usc.edu7 Entenza_residence_Pacific_Palisades_Calif_1949.0 Kallis_residence_Hollywood_Los_Angeles_Calif_1947__1_.0 Mauer_residence_Los_Angeles_Calif_1948.0 qhb5tvhs9xgxdop3-768x527 Stahl_residence_kitchen_Los_Angeles_1960.0 Stahl_residence_pool_Los_Angeles_1960.0 vv0wbm38zlphp6bg-768x512.0

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Photography Spotlight: Darren Bradley

Darren Bradley put it perfectly when he said, “Modern architecture. To me, it’s the most interesting medium for artistic expression in that it must nearly always serve a function, solve a specific problem, and speak to the context of its environment.”

His architectural photography was shown in both the 2013 Paris Prix de la Photographie and  the 2013 AIA convention in Denver. You can see why in the photos below, or see more examples of Bradley’s architectural images in the new book, William Krisel’s Palm Springs: The Language of Modernism.

6842434326_0597390f25_c 9543851132_ff0d05f869_c 11238227496_d87eb7fd4c_c 13532353274_dcb6185730_c 13532382684_9707a7c01c_c 13793477704_8c54434f2e_c 13865582465_2803faf82a_c 13919758848_17ee92dcbf_c 14192443768_896a70a479_c 15156998662_cae8475ae6_c 16570775893_d731c93ab7_c 17003337568_943a8e1ede_c 18938794582_ba94d4952b_c 22552875524_570c41b5cf_c 23235103309_3eb9a42bbb_c 23307386100_2f622b995a_c

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Instagram Spotlight! January 2016 Edition

Morning. Cleaning and listening to soft music and making things.

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#wheredoweliveagain? #thehousethatsaulbuilt A photo posted by Ty Milford (@tymilford) on

Brought home a new friend #modernica #mycb2

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A tidy-ish house to start the New Year.

A photo posted by LJM (@anglopologie) on

Most important meal of the day breakfast is..

A photo posted by @cheeseburger_papi on

Welcome #eames storage unit ! #home

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