52 New Colors in 52 Weeks: Maize Fiberglass Shell Chairs


With the changing of the leaves comes freshly-harvested corn, gourds, winter squash, pumpkins and everything that is deliciously yellow and orange. Today we celebrate the harvest with our newest shade of autumn yellow, Maize. The Maize Fiberglass Chair is a muted shade of yellow that delivers a warm, comfortable feel to understated and refined palates.


Bring the harvest into your home when you visit our Los Angeles Showroom or order the Maize Shell Chair online. Get a feel for this subtle shade below and on the Maize Pinterest Board.

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Elle Decoration’s Big £100,000 Giveaway!

Wow! Now THIS is a giveaway. To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Elle Decoration UK is putting on this massive £100,000 giveaway in which you can win an entire room of hand-picked designer items.  We were delighted to find a few Modernica Case Study Planters as part of the mix! Here’s how to enter:

1. Go get yourself a PRINT copy of Elle Decoration UK. If it’s not at your local newsstand, you can order online.

2. Pick your room! Which jaw-dropping styled room would you like to bring into your own home? (We would pick one with a lovely Case Study Ceramic Planter, but that’s just us.)

3. Fill out this form on the Elle Decoration website, which requires a special code from your print magazine.

4. Do all this by October 7th, and you’ll be entered to win an amazing hand-picked selection of home products from Elle Decoration UK.

To give you an idea of just how awesome this giveaway is, take a look at the room choices below. And for our UK readers, remember that you can purchase Modernica Case Study Ceramics at SCP.

Dining Room Giveaway Modernica Case Study Ceramics Kitchen Interior Design Blue Room Decor Bedroom Furniture Modern Beautiful Bathroom Design

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In the Press: eVolo Visits the Modernica Factory

Modernica was honored to host eVolo Architecture Magazine at our Los Angeles facility for a full factory tour. The eVolo team investigated the manufacturing techniques and historical processes that make our products unique. We were thrilled when the print magazine came out this month with a multi-page feature on our company. Here are a few highlights from the article:

Architecture Magazine

“Modernica started out of the passion of Frank and Jay Novak for mid-century design after purchasing 12,000 discarded Eames fiberglass shell chairs from Century Plastics in 1989 after Herman Miller discounted the line – they also purchased all the original equipment in 2010.

What started as a small operation twenty-five years ago has grown into a very successful company that sells more than 30,000 fiberglass chairs per year, among many other mid-century-inspired furniture and lamps. What makes them relevant is their attention to detail in every piece produced. This is possible because their factory operates like a series of European workshops – small teams of five to ten people that specialize in a part of the process. The workshops are distinct families, each with their own schedule, rhythm, and vibe; we refer to them as such because the atmosphere was that of a family reunion.”   – Carlo Aiello, Editor in Chief of eVolo Magazine

CHairs in the Fiberglass Factory Eames Chair Technician Modernica Shell Chair Factory Modernica Factory by eVolo Modernica Woodshop Upholstery Department Modernica in eVolo Magazine

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    Pick up a Copy of The Hundreds Summer Edition, Available Now

Pick up a Copy of The Hundreds Summer Edition, Available Now

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of The Hundred’s new release of the its Summer 2014 print magazine, available starting today at The Hundreds’ flagship locations, select authorized stockists, and Online Shop.

Here’s a little sneak preview of what you’ll find inside, which includes a full feature on the creation of The Hundred’s exclusive CMYK Fiberglass Rocker.

SU14magazinephotos-26 SU14magopenshotsweb-5 SU14magazinephotos-43

Spotted! Modernica in the Press

It’s always exciting to spot Modernica featured in the press and recently we’ve seen Case Study Furniture features popping up all over the country. Here’s a few that are truly worth sharing:

Boston Home Magazine

Our Case Study Sun Shade and Ceramic Bowl Tristand were featured as “Essential Accents” in Boston Home Magazine.

Modernica in Boston Magazine

Atomic Ranch

Here you can see a Split Rail Chair and beautiful Case Study Bedroom in Atomic Ranch Magazine.

Atomic Ranch Cover Modernica Case Study Bed Case Study Bedroom


Vogue Living Australia

We were also delighted to spot a George Nelson Pear Wall Sconce in Vogue Living Australia.

George Nelson Sconce Lamp in Vogue