Inspire Me Monday: Spaces that Blur the Lines between Indoors and Outdoors

One calling card of mid-century modern architecture is the influence of natural materials and spaces on man-made environments. Here are a few homes that embrace nature, melding into their environments so seamlessly that one can hardly tell if they are indoors or outdoors.


Photo courtesy of Inhabitat.


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Photo courtesy of Houzz.


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Photo courtesy of Van Keppel Green.

falling water house, water house

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Photo courtesy of Houzz.

Photo courtesy of Houzz.


Photo courtesy of Houzz.


Photo courtesy of Van Keppel Green.


Photo courtesy of Houzz.


Photo courtesy of Houzz.


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The Residential Work of Oscar Niemeyer

Oscar Niemeyer’s renowned work in the city if Brasilia was and continues to be revolutionary in the world of architecture. Structures like the Cathedral of Brasilia and the National Congress of Brasilia will go down in history as his masterworks, but Niemeyer’s residential work does not always receive the same commendations. Here are a few spectacular, if less known, residential works by Oscar Niemeyer.

Casa de Canoas


The Casa de Canoas in Rio de Janeiro is the home that Niemeyer built for himself in 1951. He lived there with his family until 1965.

openhouse-barcelona-shop-gallery-architecture-oscar-niemeyer-casa-das-canoas-rio-de-janeiro-12 4_Casa_das_Canoas_Rio_de_Janeiro 526776_10151265624971897_139266264_n

Photos courtesy of Design Rulz.

Palácio da Alvorada


The official residence Brazil’s president, Palácio da Alvorada, was completed in 1958. The 7,000 m2 house sits near the shore of Lake Paranoá in Brasilia.

Palacio_da_Alvorada_Chapel Palacio_Alvorada_commons Palacio_da_Alvorada_Mezzanine

Photos courtesy of Arts and Architecture Blogspot.

Casa Sebastião Camargo


This house in Brasília was designed for famed Brazilian contractor Sebastião Camargo in 1985. livro_de_casas_do_niemeyer_09 imagens-cedidas-para-conteudo-especifico-usar-apenas-no-respectivo-material-1354132855307_788x632

Photos courtesy of Casa Vogue.

Strick House


The only residential work by Niemeyer in the United States, this 4,600 sq ft house is located in Santa Monica.  Since Niemeyer was banned from the USA at the time for his connections to the Communist Party, the home was designed completely through letters and telephone calls; it was completed in 1964.

copyright-michael-boyd-niemeyer-house-via-stylejuicer-09 copyright-michael-boyd-niemeyer-house-via-stylejuicer-01 copyright-michael-boyd-niemeyer-house-via-stylejuicer-14

Photos courtesy of Stylejuicer.

 Edificio Niemeyer


Edificio Niemeyer is an high-rise apartment building in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The structure was completed in 1960; it is still used for residential purposes today.

i Niemeyer Apartments Niemeyer Architecture

Photos courtesy of Panoramio.

Architecture Spotlight: John Lautner’s Silvertop House

It’s not every day that an architectural masterwork hits the market. John Lautner’s Reiner-Burchill Residence is up for grabs for the first time in 40 years and in honor of the occasion, we’d like to spotlight the sheer structural genius of this gorgeous home. Behold…. Silvertop:

Silvertop Residence Lautner Silvertop Aerial silvertop Silvertop House Silvertop by Lautner Shulman Photo Modernist Pools Modernist Door Modern Designs by John Lautner Modern Bathroom Mid-century Bedroom Design Lautner Home Design Julius Shulman Photography John Lautner Architecture Gorgeous Modern Home Front Yard Lautner Front Door Silvertop

Magnificent Architectural Photography by Pedro E. Guerrero

Architecture in and of itself is an admirable vocation, but it is photography that makes its greatness known to the world. Julius Shulman, of course, has received much acclaim for his architectural photography, but many other magnificent photographers have not received the same deserved recognition for work in the fields of art and architecture. One such photographer is Pedro E. Guerrero, whose photography immortalized the work of greats such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Alexander Calder. Here is a small fraction of his breathtaking portfolio.


Portrait of Frank Lloyd Wright, 1952.

With Andrea

Alexander Calder with grandchild Andrea, 1970s.

Talisian by Guerrero

Taliesin West by Frank Lloyd Wright, 1940.


Yale Hockey Rink by Eero Saarinen, 1958.


Luthold House by Allen Gelbin, 1966.


Sturges House by Frank Lloyd Wright, 1947. 


United Church of Rowayton by Joseph Salerno, 1962.


United Church of Rowayton by Joseph Salerno, 1962.


Robert Llewellyn Wright House by Frank Lloyd Wright, 1958.

Icicle Architecture

Talisien East by Frank Lloyd Wright, 1932.

Frank Lloyd's Wright

Portrait of Frank Lloyd Wright, 1953.


Portrait of Alexander Calder, 1963.


Alexander Calder in his studio, 1963.


Phillip’s Johnson’s Glass House, 1949.

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Inspire Me Monday: Modernist Doghouses for Your Modern Home

Think beautiful architecture is only for humans? We think not; every modern home deserves a modern accompaniment for Fido, after all. If you love your furry friends, take a look at some of these ultra-cool architectural doghouses below. And if you don’t yet have a furry friend to build a modern home for, find one here.

Frank-Lloyd-Wright-Dog-house-640x504 Doghouse by Frank Lloyd Wright, designed for Jim Berger in 1956. Photo courtesy of Take Sunset.


The Cube by Meset Shop. Photo courtesy of Meset Shop.


Atelier Bow Wow by the Kenya Hara Design Institute. Photo courtesy of Architecture for Dogs.


Chalet by FORMA Italia. Photo courtesy of Gibralter Furniture.

Chalet by FORMA Italia. Photo courtesy of Gibralter Furniture.


urban Doghouse by Brian Pickard. Photo courtesy of Dogitechture.

Triangle Doghouse

Doghouse by Productora. Photo courtesy of Dogitechture.


Eric Lloyd Wright Doghouse. Photo courtesy of Kudzu.


 Eco-Doghouse by Matthew Coates. Photo courtesy of Urban Gardens.


Earthquake-Proof Doghouse by Kimidori Housing. Photo courtesy of Urban Gardens.