The Peacock Chair was the chair that first made Hans Wegner popular. The chair’s debut in 1947, at the Cabinetmakers’ Guild of Copenhagen, was a turning point in his career. From then on, his work was in demand.

Hans Wegner seated in Peacock Chair

Hans Wegner seated in the Ox Chair

For years he was compelled to produce a new chair for the show each spring, designing such well-known pieces as the Folding Chair (1949), the Round Chair (1950) and the Flag Halyard Chair (1950), completing over 200 chairs in all. He frequently turned to traditional furniture for inspiration for his modern designs. The Chinese Chair (1944) draws on 17th-century Chinese seating, while the Peacock Chair, with its fan-like back, recalls the hoop form of the Windsor chair.


Peacock Chair

Chinese Chair

Folding Chair

Over the years, Wegner perfected the design and production of his work.  Although the entire process remained lengthy, the Danish King, Frederick IX, waited two years for a four-legged Valet Chair (later versions had three legs) while Wegner tested the prototype at home. It is so called because the hanger-shaped chair back is designed to keep a jacket wrinkle free, and the seat tilts up for use as a pants hanger revealing a box for cuff links, keys and watches.


Papa Bear Chair

Ox Chair

Wegner’s preferred method of working was to start with a sketch from which he would make a 1:5-scale model and then a full-scale model. Before beginning production, each piece of furniture was drawn at full scale on a single sheet with the drawings—two elevations and a top-down view—superimposed on one another.

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