Photography Spotlight: Elizabeth Daniels

Los Angeles native Elizabeth Daniels has made quite a name for herself in the blogosphere, most recently acting as a top photographer for  the LA offices of Curbed, Racked, and Eater. Her beautiful work has also appeared in such prestigious publications as Rolling Stone, Bon Appetit, GQ, and Elle. We have taken particular interest in her architectural photography, which is nothing short of stellar. Here’s a few examples:

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Five Things You Need to Know About Downtown Modernism 2015


Make sure you’re prepared when you come by for Downtown Modernism on May 31st! This event is not to be missed, and here’s a few things you should know before you come.

1. You’ll have access to the best dealers and exclusive collectors of modern vintage artifacts from Southern California and beyond!

If you have any experience digging through miles of rubbish at swap meets and antique sales, you know that the going is tough when it comes to hunting authentic vintage goods. This time, we’ve done the legwork for you, seeking out quality dealers from our own extensive network of collectors, connoisseurs, and resellers of mid-century modern designs. All you have to do is show up!




2. Bring the whole family, and don’t forget those four-legged friends!

All events at the Modernica Factory are family and pet-friendly. Bring the whole crew, and you know how much we love fur-babies! We hope to see all of your leashed pets as well.  Don’t have any pets? No worries. The Downtown Dog Rescue will be present as usual, with all of their adorable and adoptable pups! Maybe you’ll find yourself a forever friend to take home.


3. Don’t pack a lunch.

Yes, there will be food! The Border Grill truck will be serving their delicious modern Mexican delights, and there will be Sweet Lucie’s homemade organic ice cream for dessert. So bring your appetite!

IMG_9196 IMG_3942

4. Shop vintage trailers as well as furniture and decor!

One of Downtown Modernism’s most popular attractions last year was the Funky Junk Farms display – an eye-popping collection of beautifully restored vintage trailers, campers, and novelty vehicles. The best part? Some of them are for sale!


5. Free Parking!

Unlike most of Downtown Los Angeles, Downtown Modernism boasts plenty of free on-site parking, so you won’t need to worry about your car while you enjoy a day of treasure hunting!

Downtown Modernism

  • Date: Sunday, May 31st
  • Time: 8am-2pm
  • Location: 2901 Saco Street Los Angeles, CA 90058
  • Parking: Free, on site
  • Admission: Adults $5, Children 12 and under Free

Inspire Me Monday: Fearless 1970’s Interior Design

When describing 1970’s interior design, the words “garish” or “loud” might come to mind. But one thing is for sure, these designers had no fear when painting bold graphics all over their walls and ceilings. Here’s a few deliciously  gaudy 1970s interiors from Another Magazine to put you in a fearless state of mind.

341656 341657 341658 341659 341660   341662 341663 341664 341665