Real Estate Roundup: June 2016

Rare Frank Lloyd Wright House in Minneapolis: $1,495,000

A rare Wright-designed home in Minneapolis has just gone up for sale for the first time ever—by its original owners. The three-bedroom, 2,647-square-foot home was designed by Wright in 1958 and completed in 1960 for Paul C. Olfelt, a radiologist. The Olfelts worked with Wright personally before the architect’s death in 1959.

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Ranch Style Time Capsule in New Jersey: $419K

A 1958 3-bedroom in Wayne, New Jersey has been carefully preserved in beautiful mid-mod style, complete with original materials and fixtures like mustard carpets, stone fireplaces, and pink tile bathrooms.

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Private Walled Architectural Sanctuary in Clearwater, FL: $689,000

This private, walled architectural sanctuary was designed in authentic Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian style by Architect Joe McClung in 1961 with multiple terraces, two fireplaces, five bedrooms, two dens and a built-in office.

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Updated Mies van der Rohe in Detroit: $345K

These townhouses were designed by a legend and remain a perfect example of his genius. This unit is nestled in a quiet, woodsy community and sports the quintessential floor-to-ceiling windows, along with a beautiful kitchen and built-ins.

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Inspire Me Monday: Post-Mid-Century Modernism (Yes, It’s a Thing)

While the phrase “post-mid-century modernism” is quite the mouthful, a huge range of unsung modernist architecture was designed throughout the late ’60s, ’70s, and even the ’80s. While it is clearly not mid-century modernism, the modern influence played a big part. A recent article by Curbed lauds the community of Palm Springs, CA for seeing the value in this unique architectural time period.


Woodlands Information Center in Texas, designed in 1973 by Bennie Gonzales. Photo courtesy of Modern Phoenix.


Palm Springs Public Library, designed in 1973 by William Cody. Photo courtesy of Curbed LA.


Tahquitz Plaza in Palm Springs, designed by Hugh M. Kaptur in 1973. Photo courtesy of Curbed LA.


Andreas Plaza in Palm Springs, designed by Christopher Mills. Photo courtesy of Curbed LA.


Seventh Day Adventist church by Laszlo Sandor. Photo courtesy of Curbed LA.


1970s home in Denver. Photo courtesy of Denver Urbanism.


Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo, designed by Kisho Kurokawa in 1972. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.


Ontario Science Centre, designed by Raymond Moriyama in 1969. Photo courtesy of Toronto Modern.


Left: Tahquitz Plaza; right: Musicland Hotel; both by Hugh Kaptur during the 1970s. Photo courtesy of Curbed LA.






Now Open on Times Square: DABSMYLA’s New Cosmic Exhibit with Art at Viacom

Modernica has partnered with amazing Los Angeles artist duo DABSMYLA on a new installation with Art at Viacom, now open to the public! Art at Viacom is dedicated to highlighting incredible artists that push boundaries and make people think differently. Their latest exhibit with DABSMYLA is dubbed New Cosmic, an interactive installation that reflects on the parallels of the artists’ experiences in Jantar Mantar, India and California’s Mojave Desert.

“We decided to recreate an environment that was inspired by these two places so we could invite people to share in the energy and moment with us. We teamed up with the furniture company Modernica to create sculptures and custom furniture pieces for New Cosmic. We love mid-century modern design and so many elements from this influences our artwork. To be able to collaborate with people who share a love for that era and design makes it a perfect match.” – DABSMYLA

  • Where: Art at Viacom: 1515 Broadway, New York City
  • When: Starting June 14th, 2016; available for viewing during business hours.


‘New Cosmic’ display featuring Modernica’s Case Study Bentwood series.


Featuring Modernica’s Case Study Storage Unit.


Times Square window display.


‘New Cosmic’ display featuring Modernica’s Case Study Bentwood series.


Featuring Modernica’s Case Study Storage Unit.


Featuring Case Study Ceramics painted by DABSMYLA.


Featuring Case Study Ceramics painted by DABSMYLA.


Featuring Case Study Ceramics painted by DABSMYLA.