Historic Los Angeles Residences, Part 5: Ray Kappe House


The house that Ray Kappe built for his own family is considered his masterwork, as well as one of Southern California’s crown jewels of mid-century architecture. Over 4,000 square feet of wood and glass, the home was built into and on top of a forest hillside, seeming to meld into the landscape around it.

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The home is made up of seven levels, with cantilevered wooden decks, trellises and platforms reaching out into the environment. From inside, views run in every direction, yet at the same time the landscaping provides a natural seclusion. Inside, the four bedrooms have doors, but the rest of the home is pure openness, individual spaces defined and quietly segregated by subtle changes in elevation.

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The Kappe House was designated a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument in 1996 and is still home to Ray and his wife Shelly to this day.

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Source: Los Angeles Times. Photos courtesy of Los Angeles Times and Curbed LA.

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Reading Spotlight: Rooted in Design

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Here’s a bit of summer reading that will inspire you to rejuvenate those green spaces, indoors and out. Rooted in Design is a beautiful collection of imagery and design advice that was put together by the owners of Modernica dealer, Sprout Home. Below is but a small sampling of the design spaces and container gardens you’ll find among its pages.  Purchase the book here, or you can learn more about Sprout Home on their website.

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