Inspire Me Monday: Modern Beach Houses

There’s still a few weeks left to enjoy warm weather and sunny skies! If you’re planning a late summer getaway, this is the way to do it. Get inspired with these modern beach houses and interiors.

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52 New Colors in 52 Weeks: Azure Fiberglass Shell Chairs

New Fiberglass Shell Chair Colors

Today’s new fiberglass color is like a tropical vacation where the reef runs shallow under warm blue waves and brightly-colored fish play peek-a-boo in crystal-clear tide pools. Our Azure Fiberglass Shell Chair is that perfect shade of cerulean that’s vivid without being loud, and just soft enough to mimic the blue of warm tropical seas.


Take your own tropical getaway with Azure Molded Fiberglass Chairs, now on display at the Los Angeles Showroom and on the Modernica website. You can also peruse some blue-toned inspiration below and on our Azure Pinterest Board.

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Now’s Your Chance! Enter to Win a Ceramic Tabletop Bowl

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You can never go wrong with a Case Study Ceramic Planter or two, and our table-top bowls can fit in just about anywhere! Enter now for a chance to win a free Case Study Table Top Bowl when you Like this post on Facebook and Share one of the attached planter photos. Entries will remain open from now until next Wednesday, Aug. 20th. Like, Share, Win!

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