Inspire Me Monday: Sleeping Under the Stars in Chile

What better way to spend hot summer nights than sleeping under the magnificent stars of the Elqui Valley? The Elqui Domes are located in a remote area of mid-western Chile and specialize in all things astronomy. All of the tent-like domes and cabins on the property open upwards into the night sky, so that residents can literally sleep under the stars and stargaze all night long. The facilities also include multiple telescopes, star guides, and many of the amenities of a hotel resort.

Elqui-Domos-Hotel-Chile-photo-James-Florio-yatzer-2 Vacation in Elqui Valley Tents in Chilean Desert Tents in Chile Starry Skies of Chile Stargazing Retreats in Chile Stargazing in Elqui Valley Stargazing in Chile Star Cabins Sleeping under the Stars Modern Cabins Chile Vacation Spots Cabin Retreats

Photography by James Florio.

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52 New Colors in 52 Weeks: Slice Fiberglass Shell Chairs

New Fiberglass Shell Chair Colors

Enjoy a slice of bright, juicy orange with our newest Fiberglass color – Slice! Slice Fiberglass Shell Chairs are like a splash of sweet succulence to combat hot days and dull interiors. See the bright new color in our Modernica Showroom or among our color inspiration below. You can also purchase online or browse more slice-inspired imagery on the Slice Pinterest Board.

_MG_4487 copy

architecture-exterior-fun-orange-shipping-container-house-design-with-creative-ventilation-design-creative-shipping-container-home-ideas-photos bhghb75_supergraphic_unrealisticfurniture_coversupdoor Desert Orange Modernica Fiberglass Shell Chairs Orange Gumdrops Orange Architecture Orange Slice pantonAa Slice Fiberglass Chairs Slice Building Orange Slice Chairs suburbs-swscan06721 Vintage Mall Vintage+Advertisement+1960s+Tang+Orange+Drink Orange Molded Plastic Chair

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To Live Like a Master: When an Architect Designs his Own Home

Not every mid-century architect designed his/her own home, but when one did, the results were almost always breathtaking and unique. Below, take a look at some of the houses our favorite architects created as their own dwelling.

Russel Wright’s Dragon Rock at Manitoga, 1952

HVGC.Manitoga2 russel-wright-manitoga-dining-area OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DSC7268 3

Photos courtesy of The Russel Wright Design Center

The John Lautner House in Silver Lake, 1940

lautne51 Silver Lake lautne52

Photos courtesy of

The Marcel Breuer House in Lincoln, 1939

4547822609_83c4fe0aa9_z tumblr_mo8fkj86x91rpgpe2o1_500 foto byn AAA_breumarc_0023 Marcel Breuer House

Photos courtesy of

Frank Louis Glick Home in Park Ridge, 1955 (FOR SALE!)

DSC_0794 DSC_0823 DSC_0830

Photos courtesy of Curbed.

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