A Thonet Industries Catalog Cover circa 1950's.

Shown above is an ink stamp placed on the inside front cover with the name of the sales rep for the Los Angeles showroom. Notice the lack of area code for the phone number. Area codes were not invented until 1947 and were not used by the general public until 1951.

Thonet Industries gave their designs only model numbers, and additionally the company did not credit their staff designers. Here at the bottom of page 52, chair model number 1266 is featured.

A detail photo from the catalog showing Model 1266 in a Westerner Motel in San Antonio, Texas.

Last page of catalog shows images of Thonet's Showroom. The top image is in New York, the middle image is in Chicago and the bottom image is on Robinson Blvd. in Los Angeles.

Interested in owning a bit of Thonet’s bentwood furniture history, Modernica is offering a set of four dining room chairs (shown above), model number 1266 on it’s Clearance site. These chairs are from Modernica’s prop house.