Downtown Modernism 2015 Dealer Spotlight

Downtown Modernism is only two days away! Here’s a little preview of a few dealers (there are more than 60!) you’ll find at the marketplace this Sunday.

Objects USA

Objects USA is a collective founded by three San Diego enthusiasts that combines in-depth research with examples of mid-century art and design.

“We specialize in vintage work by artists from California, the Southwest, and San Diego in particular. In the online gallery and at sales exhibitions we showcase work by regional artists and craftspeople who were recognized as major forces in their respective communities. Our goal is to provide art that is both visually dynamic and historically fascinating.”

Objects USA 1 Objects-USA-3 objects-usa-2


SHOPCLASS is organized by three unique individuals – Ellen, an importer of rare Dutch modern designs; Sally, an interior designer; and Jeff, a master of renovations. Together, they offer a distinctive mix of rare imports, design oddities, and refurbished treasures.

Shopclass 1 Shopclass 2 Shopclass 3

Loft Thirteen

Loft 13 specializes in rare, hard to find, mid-century and Danish modern pieces. They also offer custom designs, interior design, and restoration of antiques. In other words, they do it all!

Loft 13 2 Loft 13


This self-proclaimed “antique shop” is so much more than your average dealer of old stuff. OTW‘s large and ever-changing collection features a range of beautiful and rare pieces from all over the world.


Fat Chance

Fat Chance is well established in the LA community, attracting a wide range of clients from elite collectors to Hollywood set designers. You can get your hands on some of their rare vintage originals at the Fat Chance booth this Sunday.

Fat Chance Fat Chance2 Fat Chance3

Lisa Cliff

One of our more unusual vendors at the Downtown Modernism Show, Lisa Cliff will be offering up her jaw-dropping collection of studio jewelry. These one-of-a-kind handmade pieces feature distinctive shapes and styles that are reminiscent of the California Modernist aesthetic.

Lisa Cliff 3 Lisa Cliff Lisa Cliff2

Iconic Los Angeles: Historic Mid-Century Residences, Part 2

We began our survey of historic Los Angeles residences last week with an overview of the ever-ritzy Trousdale Estates community. Today, we move on to the Kubly House, designed by Craig Ellwood in 1965.


The post-and-beam structure is a beautiful example of mid-century International Style with its simple, open layout and glassy transparent feel. The eucalyptus grove that surrounds it is the perfect backdrop to provide a little privacy for the see-through house.

According to the LA Conservancy, Ellwood claimed he was not happy with the house after designing it for Art Center College of Design president Don Kubly, and wished he had used steel instead of wood. We however, find it quite fetching in wood and glass. The home is still owned by the Kubly family today.

openhouse-barcelona-shop-gallery-in-the-hills-architecture-kubly-moore-houses-craig-ellwood-los-angeles-7 openhouse-barcelona-shop-gallery-in-the-hills-architecture-kubly-moore-houses-craig-ellwood-los-angeles-9 openhouse-barcelona-shop-gallery-in-the-hills-architecture-kubly-moore-houses-craig-ellwood-los-angeles-10 openhouse-barcelona-shop-gallery-in-the-hills-architecture-kubly-moore-houses-craig-ellwood-los-angeles-111 Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 2.30.22 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 2.30.37 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 2.30.54 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 2.31.10 PM

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All photos courtesy of Open House.

See the John Storer Residence – the Most Expensive FLW House in the World


Resembling a modern version of a medieval castle, Frank Lloyd Wright’s John Storer Residence broke records when it sold for $6.8million in February. The 2,967 sq ft home was designed in 1923 and has now become the most expensive FLW design to date.

Constructed of intricately-detailed textile blocks inside and out, the structure is both imposing and interesting. Each surface is ablaze with textures and details, which is what makes the home so unique. See the photos below and give us your opinion – was it worth it?

3 John Storer House, Los Angeles, California; exterior 36685d73f1e7a19facda38bc599da868 la-fi-hotprop-frank-lloyd-wright-20150226-pict-002 la-fi-hotprop-frank-lloyd-wright-20150226-pict-003 la-fi-hotprop-frank-lloyd-wright-20150226-pict-007 la-fi-hotprop-frank-lloyd-wright-20150226-pict-009 la-fi-hotprop-frank-lloyd-wright-20150226-pict-010 la-fi-hotprop-frank-lloyd-wright-20150226-pict-011 la-fi-hotprop-frank-lloyd-wright-20150226-pict-012 la-fi-hotprop-frank-lloyd-wright-20150226-pict-013 la-fi-hotprop-frank-lloyd-wright-20150226-pict-015

All photos courtesy of Los Angeles Times.