Don’t Miss the Soze Collection Opening- Tomorrow!

If you somehow missed all of the tweets, Instas, and blog posts surrounding the big Soze Collection show tomorrow, let us remind you. A wide range of artists have been invited to paint Modernica’s Fiberglass Chairs to benefit the Art of Elysium. If the previews and teases on Instagram are any indication, these chairs have become masterpieces in their own right.

About Art of Elysium


The Art of Elysium is dedicated to enriching the lives of artists and critically-ill children. The idea is that there is a powerful and mutual exchange of hope and appreciation that occurs when artists share their time and talent with children battling serious medical conditions.

The Art of Elysium provides a wide range of fine and performing arts workshops and activities designed to:
• Help children cope with the difficult emotional challenges of illness and hospitalization,
• Promote opportunities for growth and development,
• Encourage socialization,
• Provide exposure to various artistic skills and disciplines.

The Art of Elysium’s programs for hospitalized youth include Fine Arts, Fashion Design, Music, Media/Theatre Arts and Arts-Based Self-Esteem Programs.

About the Soze Gallery


Toowee Kao, owner and director of Soze Gallery, is an essential supporter of art and young talent; she aims to make being an artist a little less difficult in every way and offers an artist residency in downtown Los Angeles for Sozes Gallery’s international artists. In short: she supports young contemporary artists in their creative pursuit of success and happiness. The Soze Gallery curates and sponsors art shows for various medias and international artists from across the world.

Exhibition Details, “The Soze Collection”


  • Dates: Nov 1 – Nov 14, 2014
  • Opening: Saturday, November 1st, 7-10pm
  • Address: 935 N. Fairfax Ave West Hollywood, CA. 90046 – Tel: 323.366.2734
  • Website:
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Glow-In-The-Dark Fiberglass Chairs


Halloween is upon us and while most people will be giving out candy our offering comes in the form of two Glow-in-the-dark Fiberglass Chairs. Blue Moon and Luna are inspired by the rich blue glow of bio-luminescent plankton and the brilliance of the green skies of the Aurora Borealis. During the day the chairs are unassuming but once the lights go out all you can see is their ghostly silhouettes.

Glow-in-the-dark Fiberglass chairs

The Glow in the Dark Fiberglass Chairs are now on display at the LA Showroom! Drop by to have a look, or order online. Get a feel for these glowing hues below and on Pinterest.(Blue Moon / Luna).

Glow-in-the-dark Fiberglass chairs

Glow-in-the-dark Fiberglass chairs



Glow-in-the-dark Fiberglass chairs


Glow-in-the-dark Fiberglass chairs

Glow in the dark Fiberglass chairs

blue water


Glowing Fiberglass chairs


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Sneak Preview: Meet the Soze Collection

When the doors open this Saturday at the Soze Gallery, over 22 original Fiberglass masterpieces will be on display to benefit the Art of Elysium. Today we’ll give you a sneak peek of a few of the amazing chairs, but you’ll have to attend the show in West Hollywood to see them all. Find out more here.


Original Fiberglass Chair art by Ser@LA

SeratLa 2

Original Fiberglass Chair art by Ser@LA

Mel Kadel

Original Fiberglass Chair art by Mel Kadel.

Marco Pho Grassi

Original Fiberglass Chair art by Marco Pho Grassi.


Original Fiberglass Chair art by Ciler.

Kristin Bauer 2

Original Fiberglass Chair art by Kristin Bauer.


Original Fiberglass Chair art by Augustine Kofie.

Karen Bystedt

Original Fiberglass Chair art by Karen Bystedt.

Jaybo Monk

Original Fiberglass Chair art by Jaybo Monk.

Gregory Siff

Original Fiberglass Chair art by Gregory Siff.

Erin M Riley Chair 4

Original Fiberglass Chair art by Erin Riley.

Emmett Potter 2

Original Fiberglass Chair art by Emmett Potter.

Cleon Peterson

Original Fiberglass Chair art by Cleon Petterson.


Original Fiberglass Chair art by Hueman.

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