Abandoned Mid-Century Homes are Eerily Beautiful

This collection of photos from the Better Shelter Blog is a testament to the timeless quality of mid-century modern architecture. Even in various stages of abandonment and decay, these houses remain eerily beautiful.

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Modern Real Estate Round-Up

Here’s this month’s round-up of the latest and greatest mid-century modern real estate.

1961 Time Capsule in Crestwood Hills, CA for $1.9million

Now hitting the market for the first time ever is a 2,901-square-foot post and beam whose original details include “slate floors, extensive custom woodwork and vintage kitchen and bathrooms.” The three-bedroom house also features walls of glass, a floating fireplace, a central atrium, and “commanding city lights, Getty Center, canyon and ocean views.”

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Stunning Remodel in Salt Lake City for $760K

The clean lines, wide open floor plan, impeccable style, modern light fixtures, and huge windows in this newly-remodeled mid-mod marvel will have you drooling. This is tranquil, modern living in a wooded mountain area with breathtaking views of Mt. Olympus and lots of space, inside and out.

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Lovely Dallas Renovation for $499,500

Designed by AIA-honored architect and Dallas native David Braden, this 1954 home features period-perfect exposed brick walls, high beamed ceilings, and multiple living areas surrounded by walls of sliding glass windows overlooking two private gardens. The tasteful renovation is just the right mix of vintage details and modern updates.

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Well-Kept Eichler in Orange, CA for $750K

Designed by famed modernist A. Quincy Jones and Frederick Emmons, and built by mid-century superstar Joseph Eichler in 1960, the three-bedroom, 1,639-square-foot wonder-residence offers only the most sparing of updates, for fear of “marginalizing the integrity of the classic-vintage design.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 6.03.30 AM Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 6.04.05 AM Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 6.03.18 AM

Sherwood Residence by Cory Buckner Renting for $5,900

Restored and owned by architect Cory Buckner, the landmarked residence in Crestwood is well-kept and gorgeous, in keeping with its architectural pedigree. The two-bedroom home features original cork-flooring, modern lighting and appliances, as well as a big patio with views of the valley.

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  • Matthias

    Inspire Me Monday: Architectural Photography by Matthias Heiderich

Inspire Me Monday: Architectural Photography by Matthias Heiderich

There are some staggering architectural feats that look stunning no matter who photographs them. It takes true talent however, to turn a common streetlight into something beautiful. Meet Matthias Heiderich, a German photographer who’s body of work includes architectural structures from the spectacular to the mundane. Under his lens, each becomes a work of art.

MHeiderich_A7Southbound_02 MHeiderich_ColorBerlin_02 MHeiderich_Northbound003 MHeiderich_Northbound005 MHeiderich_Northbound006 MHeiderich_Northbound007 MHeiderich_ReflexionenDrei_002 MHeiderich_ReflexionenEins-01 MHeiderich_ReflexionenEins-012 MHeiderich_ReflexionenEins-017 MHeiderich_ReflexionenEins-028 MHeiderich_ReflexionenZwei-01 MHeiderich_ReflexionenZwei-02 MHeiderich_ReflexionenZwei-04 MHeiderich_ReflexionenZwei-021 MHeiderich_Reflexiones-01 MHeiderich_StadtDerZukunft_017 MHeiderich-SpektrumEins_01 MHeiderich-SpektrumZwei_07

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