Office Spotlight: Capitol One Labs by Studio O+A

Studio O+A is quickly becoming the crème de la crème of contemporary office design, and here’s another example to prove it. This new workspace for Capitol One in San Francisco was just completed in 2013 and we’re rather pleased with their choice in seating! Modernica’s Fiberglass Shell Chairs look right at home in the modern office, set alongside a bright color scheme and unique open floorplan. All we can say is, keep it up O+A!

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Holiday Dining: Impress Your Guests with Modern Style

Although a candle-bedecked wreath may be the center of your table, the centerpiece of your dining experience is the table itself. Your dining table is the focal point of the household this season; make sure you choose the right one!

Below is an example of holiday dining done right, in this case with Modernica’s new Alpine Dining Table. We appreciate one of our loyal customers letting us us these stellar photos of her home.  If you have some amazing examples of Modernica products in your house, we’d love to see them!

Call the Modernica Showroom at 323-933-0383 or visit our website to find out more about the Alpine Table.

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Inspire Me Monday: A-Frames in Snow

There’s nothing like a delightful A-Frame cabin to make you wish for mountain getaways and snow-covered splendor. It may be 60-something degrees here in Los Angeles, but we can appreciate the beauty of a snowy A-Frame as much as the next modernist.

4ef82b8a680712cb36696b23318ba218 table-mtn-cabin-winter January 20, 2013 015 comfy-cabin-1 c38a3611b4810871400104e4538998c0 A-Frame A-frame December 30. 2012 022 41b846883ed41d5e160c21445e2c4bdc 6c92ddf7bfbb3a01bba113de3e63ba99 5cb546e5-c1dc-4e07-9fe8-8b8ea9fcaba6.1.10 4f321c3b1a71a20ff9f85c7b95fcd7b4