Architecture Spotlight: Parisian Housing of the 1960s and ’70s

If there were ever a place that took every architectural trend to its outermost limit, it would be Paris. The housing structures below were all designed by Parisian architect Jean Renaudie and his wife Renée Gailhoustet between 1969 and 1975. In the daring shapes and unusual configurations of the buildings, you can see that the mid-century designers had very little regard for architectural norms of the time, and we love them for it.

renaudie-ivry-01-800x1158 renaudie-ivry-02 renaudie-ivry-03-800x555 renaudie-ivry-04 renaudie-ivry-5-1 renaudie-ivry-05-800x571 renaudie-ivry-06-800x592 renaudie-ivry-07 renaudie-ivry-08 renaudie-ivry-09-800x600 renaudie-ivry-10-800x786

All photos courtesy of Socks Studio.

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  • frank-gehry-biomuseum-in-panama-designboom-03

    Frank Gehry’s Newest Creation is a Riot of Color and Metal Canopies

Frank Gehry’s Newest Creation is a Riot of Color and Metal Canopies

Frank Gehry’s magnificent and sculptural creations have been cropping up all over Europe in recent years; now the California architect is blazing trails in Latin America. His magnificent Museum of Biodiversity just opened in Panama and it’s every bit as daring and lovely as we’ve come to expect from Gehry. Read more at Dezeen.

Biomuseo-Frank-Gehry_dezeen_784_1 biomuseo de panama de Frank Gehry 3 biomuseo de panama de Frank Gehry 4 ls_0923  11 biomuseo de panama de Frank Gehry 71 biomuseo de panama de Frank Gehry 73 Biomuseo-Frank-Gehry_dezeen_784_0 Biomuseo-Frank-Gehry_dezeen_784_2 Biomuseo-Frank-Gehry_dezeen_784_4 BIOMUSEO DECIEMBRE 2012 Biomuseo-Frank-Gehry_dezeen_784_6 Biomuseo-Frank-Gehry_dezeen_784_8 Biomuseo-Frank-Gehry_dezeen_784_9 Biomuseo-Frank-Gehry_dezeen_784_11 Biomuseo-Frank-Gehry_dezeen_784_12 MONTAJE DE BIOMUSEO MONTAJE DE BIOMUSEO

All photos courtesy of Dezeen.

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