Berlin Architects Bring Back a Mid-Century Home in a Big Way

A UNESCO world heritage site is serious business, so when architects Stefan Flachsbarth and Michael Schultz of bfs-design were hired to renovate this potential UNESCO site, they took incredible pains to restore the home to its original minimalist glory.


The house was designed by Eduard Ludwig in 1957 and was featured in the Berlin International Building Exhibition of 1957. Time and multiple owners had transformed the house drastically with unfortunate changes in flooring, landscaping, and color palates. Thanks to Flachsbarth and Schultz, however, today the design remains as close as possible to Ludwig’s original intention.

Atriumhouse-Berlin-Courtyard-Gardenista-8_0 Atriumhouse-Berlin-Courtyard-Gardenista-7 Atriumhouse-Berlin-Courtyard-Gardenista-6 Atriumhouse-Berlin-Courtyard-Gardenista-5 Atriumhouse-Berlin-Courtyard-Gardenista-4 Atriumhouse-Berlin-Courtyard-Gardenista-2

All photos courtesy of Gardenista and taken by Annette Kisling.

Inspire Me Monday: Otherwordly Rock House in Joshua Tree


Although not as renowned as some of his mid-century contemporaries, Kendrick Bangs Kellogg was and still is an innovator in organic modern design. His extraordinary work is often breathtaking and awe-inspiring, pushing the limits of structural engineering. The 1986 “Rock House” in the Joshua Tree desert is a prime example. Have you ever seen anything like it?


17travel-well-kellogg-slide-39CC-tmagArticle 17travel-well-kellogg-slide-582V-tmagArticle 17travel-well-kellogg-slide-FCFP-tmagArticle 17travel-well-kellogg-slide-K65T-tmagArticle Alluring-contemporary-architecture-of-desert-house-by-kendrick-bangs-kellogg-featuring-interior-design-with-flagstone-floor-and-wall-decor-plus-staircase-945x567 Appealing-contemporary-architecture-of-organic-desert-house-by-kendrick-bangs-kellogg-featuring-interior-design-with-copper-decoration-ceiling-and-wall-945x567 Appealing-contemporary-architecture-of-organic-desert-house-by-kendrick-bangs-kellogg-featuring-interior-design-with-fireplace-and-long-glass-coffee-table-945x567 Astounding-contemporary-architecture-of-desert-home-by-kendrick-bangs-kellogg-featuring-unique-design-with-flagstone-floor-interior-garden-and-landscape Comely-contemporary-architecture-of-organic-desert-house-by-kendrick-bangs-kellogg-featuring-exterior-ideas-with-glass-dining-table-and-flagstone-floor-945x567 Cool-modern-architecture-by-kendrick-bangs-kellogg-featuring-california-kitchen-design-with-curve-beam-decor-flagstone-floor-interior-plant-and-cabinet-945x567 Gorgeous-modern-architecture-by-kendrick-bangs-kellogg-featuring-interior-design-with-unique-ideawooden-beam-decor-flagstone-floor-and-track-lighting-945x567 Mesmerizing-contemporary-architecture-of-organic-desert-house-by-kendrick-bangs-kellogg-featuring-unique-exterior-design-with-among-rock-stone-945x567

Photos courtesy of the New York Times.

Home Tour: Aiden and Andrea’s Bright & Airy Abode

Aiden and Andrea Hawkins are long-time patrons and friends of the Modernica Showroom, so you can imagine our delight when their gorgeous Village Green home was featured on Design Sponge.

Every interior is well-though-out and perfect in its simplicity.  Our favorite part? The place is packed with signature Modernica pieces! See for yourself:


In this photo: Fiberglass Shell Chairs on a Low Rod Base.


In this photo: Modernica V-Leg Daybed.


In this photo: George Nelson Criscross Ball Pendant Lamp.


In this photo: Case Study Storage Unit.

196-1000x1357 218-1000x711

In this photo: Fiberglass Shell Chairs on a Low Rod Base.


In this photo: Case Study Ceramic Cylinder with Plinth alongside a Modernica Daybed.


In this photo: Case Study Cylinder with Stand, Small Ceramic Bowl, and a George Nelson Crisscross Saucer.


In this photo: Modernica Papa Bear Chair.


In this photo: Modernica Alpine Bed and George Nelson Saucer Pendant.


In this photo: Alpine Bed and Mini Wire Table.

This home tour was originally featured on Design Sponge. Photography by Monica Wang.